My art is the fusion of time, place, context, light, and story all in one "view." I really don't think of my photos as things "captured" or "shots taken" but rather at least three stories frozen in a single moment: my story, the story of the content in the photo, and the story of the people who may see the photo. 

I tend to move at a slower pace than most so that I have time to notice the little things that often I, and perhaps others, sometimes take for granted.


New River

June 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The New River flows hither and yon in the southwest part of Virginia as well as North Carolina and West Virginia. I'm told that this river is one of the oldest in the US and one of the most scenic. I had a few minutes before a baseball game and so raced over to a park in Radford, VA, to get a few shots. I found a peaceful and powerful river flowing from south to north with small "rapids" right in the middle of the Radford community.  This is taken from a small creek that's a tributary to the river.

New River in Radford, VASmall Creek feeding into New River in Radford, VANew River in Radford, VA

Draper Mountain

June 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Just outside of Pulaski, VA, is Draper Mountain - named for John Draper.  His wife and sister-in-law were captured from this mountain by the Shawnee in 1755 and taken away to the Ohio River Valley. His sister-in-law escaped but his wife did not. He found her six years later, ransomed her from the Shawnee, and returned to this area to live. I'm in the Blacksburg, VA, area looking for scenery...and it's EVERYWHERE! A teeny bit overwhelming. Most of my time is spent at baseball games but sometimes I just stop and take photos. 

View from Draper MountainView from Draper MountainView from Draper Mountain

The Stone Bridge

June 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday I did a quick walkabout on the Manassas Battlefield. I've been there before but I'd never been to the Stone Bridge. This bridge is where the first shots were fired in this battle...the place where the future brutality of the war would be unveiled to a naive nation expecting a conflict of chivalry with little blood and gore. Both battles took over 20,000 American lives.

This is a shot from the west side of the bridge, I've made the downloads free. It's a very cool desktop view.

The Stone BridgeThe Stone BridgeThe Stone Bridge at the edge of the battlefield.

Asheville, North Carolina

June 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We did a quick trip to Asheville this weekend. One might think we left the DC area to get out of this rain that never ends!! But no, we were helping Kirsten and Paul move into their new home in Asheville. It's a cool place, ten minute walk to downtown and high up! The first shot is from the walkway in their apartment looking over the southern side of a tree covered Asheville. The second shot is looking back at Asheville in the morning.

Asheville view looking over South Asheville.Asheville view looking over South Asheville.Sunset overlooking Asheville.

Asheville in the distance.Northeast of Asheville, NC looking back toward the city.I-26 view of Asheville from NE of the city

Dusk in Old Town

May 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I did a quick walkabout in Old Town Alexandria last night. The weather was fantastic and lots of folks were out strolling, eating, and on the docks just watching the world go by. Even on the Potomac lots of people were out...there must have been a dozen sailboats. I didn't have that much time so clicked and ran.

Sailboats in the distance.Old Town Alexandria DocksSailboats in the distance.