The Wharf

October 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday I went to "The Wharf," a large development on the Potomac River in DC, that had just opened a week or so ago. I say just opened because the area has been under construction for quite a long time. When I first moved here (30+ years ago) that area was quite a tourist attraction with Hogate's and Philips restaurants, a variety of hotspots, night clubs and bars. Over the years the restaurants and nice places closed and visits to the area were...not so much fun as before. The buildings were rundown and the area was "tired." But then...this rebirth, called The Wharf, which has some really cool building designs, walkways, outdoor entertainment venues, lots of cool restaurants, shops, boating, and on and on and on. Sort of reminds me of San Diego. There are condos and apartments, too. They are very expensive, very small, and...well, I wouldn't live there. The Fish Market is still there although also being remodeled. Parking is now truly a bitch but Metro is close. Traffic is miserable but there are people everywhere! Right now, most of them are construction folks but that should change by the end of the year when most things will be finished.

The "landscape" is very colorful which will help in the gray days of winter although I don't imagine that many rooftop restaurants will remain open. But for now, the weather is perfect for being outside and enjoying the river view. I was walking before lunch hour and so nothing was really open yet. This is a rooftop venue with overlooking apartments or condos.

There are docks and piers with picnic areas, concert stages, event locations, boat rentals, and more. Random art is prominent in many of these locations and is meant to be an active part of the venue including water features with spray, fountains, and mist and this egg shaped sculpture being used in a photoshoot. The "egg shape" is one of a pair.

I was sitting on the ledge of the river walkway waiting and watching. The building in front of me was blue, the reflection of the perfectly blue sky in the windows was blue, and, then, this guy driving a blue scooter drove by me...and I had my camera ready!!

The The Maine Avenue Fish Market is always filled with interesting people and rich colors and yesterday was no exception. This shot ALMOST captured the primary colors but not quite. It sort of...clammed up.

The docks are dog friendly, too. I met this pup, named Layla June as she was on a walkabout with her owner. I think Layla June is a French Bulldog, she looks French.



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