Fells Point

November 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday a friend and I went to Fells Point in Baltimore for a water-themed walkabout. We had carefully researched the weather and believed that the forecast rain would not start until late afternoon. We must have been reading about a place far, far away because the rain started shortly after we arrived. I cannot remember the last time I was in Falls Point, perhaps 15 years ago...wow, what a difference. Rapid gentrification. Wonderful, gorgeous new hotels in renovated building from the docks. Expensive. But then, it rained and we cut our visit short. I took this shot of the street car track...you can't see the cold rain but it was there. We will go back.

I note that the traffic to my website goes way down when I'm shooting B&W. Perhaps after this challenge is over I shall double down on color photos!


Fells Point, Baltimore, MDFells Point, Baltimore, MDFells Point, Baltimore, MD  


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