East Wing of the NGA

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Today I did a short "limpabout" at the NGA. Although I moved at a relatively slow pace, I did manage to take some photos and appreciate the art displayed. One of the high points about visiting the East Wing is the architecture of the building which is truly a masterpiece of style, elegance, and...well, comfort...a really cool place to visit. The weather was really perfect outside and many people were on the mall but not that many in the building. Which was fine since I didn't really feel rushed in any of the exhibits.  I have this thing about taking pictures of other's art and so I try not to do that unless there is some extra component that adds a story or texture...and I had some of those moments today.

Lounging at the East WingLounging at the East WingLounging at the East Wing

Sometimes I'm a little puzzled by modern art but when I sat down today and just soaked in the pieces on the wall. The sum of the edges, the shapes, and the contrasts of the parts was equally if not more impressive.

Walls of ArtWalls of ArtWalls of Art

This large square work of the woman was enhanced when a visitor paused to examine the work.


Many of the works in the East Wing are large...like REALLY large!! When you put a person next to them, the positioning takes on a characteristic of its own. 

Art and lifeArt and lifeArt and life At one time, this line of heads was out on the mezzanine but they've moved the entire exhibit into a smaller room. Lots of people have taken pictures of this row of heads so I waited until people lined up to examine them.




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