George Washington's Distillery

December 11, 2017  •  2 Comments

A couple of years ago, the George Washington Distillery opened next to the Washington Grist Mill. I admit that I did not know that...until last week. I had a medical appointment down in that neck of the woods and was going to get there early. So i grabbed a film camera to get some shots of what i thought was going to be the Grist Mill. When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see a sign that said "Washington Distillery & Grist Mill;" what a bonus, I thought to myself. And extra bonus, only one car in the parking lot. I gathered my equipment up and headed toward the main building. "CLOSED! Do NOT ENTER" a sign said, and the sign was right in the middle of the sidewalk that led to what looked like the main building. Open hours are...get this...April 1 to Oct 31; I was really early or really late. But, perhaps there was a part of the place that did not have such a sign! As I was walking toward the building that turns out to be the distillery, I was met by a gentleman who welcomed me...he was either a docent or an employee. He apologized for not being in "period costume" but welcomed me to walkabout (limpabout) and take photos. We talked for a bit, he explained that this was the only wood burning distillery in Virginia, he wasn't sure if it was the only one in the US. I thought of Jack Daniels. Although the distillery was only open during the nice weather months, apparently they have some sort of special functions during the closed months. He was chopping wood for the process.

I shot two rolls of films and took a few digital shots. The film takes forever to get back (a week). This is the side of the distillery. I will go back when it's open.  George Washington DistilleryGeorge Washington DistilleryGeorge Washington Distillery


Thanks, Liane! I didn't know about the library. Sounds like a must visit after my hip fixes itself!! Merry Christmas!
Liane Cooper(non-registered)
Watch for the seasonal release of the product$$... also, sometimes available in the Mt Vernon gift shop. Lee, you ought to make an appointment to visit the new Library across the street from Mt Vernon. Fascinating structure, collections and artifacts.
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