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'Tis the Season for so many things and waxing nostalgic is certainly one of them. Memories of my family tend to come to grandfather Edward Amund Halvorsen was a printer all of his life. He started as a teenager in Springfield, SD, but moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada in about 1907/8. Traveling to Canada with his brand new bride, my grandmother Harriet Kelsey, must have been quite an adventure for a young couple. Grandfather Halvorsen was a linotype operator and worked as a printer in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat until 1919 or so when they returned to the US and settled in Huron, SD. By then they had three kids including my dad. Grandpa worked for the the "Huronite" which is now called the Huron Daily Plainsman. I remember the smell of the presses, the hot lead, the whirring sound of the giant reels of paper spewing out the news. Of course, the linotype has gone the way of the horse drawn buggy and is usually only seen in museums.

The first shot is a recreation of a desk in an early 20th century newspaper office. The second is a shot of linotype "slugs" that have been put into a form called a stick. The stick is the reverse image of what will be printed after ink is rolled on the stick and then pressed against the paper to make the "print."

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