Olden, Golden Days

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I'm not mobile at all which gives me way too much time to contemplate the meaning of life...or, review older photos for something I might have missed. I chose the latter and tried some post-processing techniques that highlighted the more interesting components of the shot. 

This first one was taken at Piscataway, a preserved farming homestead in Maryland just across the Potomac from Virginia. The farmhouse they preserved was "rough," that is without many (any) of what we might call necessities of life. But they had "fun" things too, like this doll which had been made by combining everyday items into something a little person might enjoy. Note the size of the needles that are stuck in the container skin on the right.

Piscataway homestead dollPiscataway homestead dollPiscataway homestead doll


This next is also from Piscataway and is a tobacco barn. Tobacco was one of if not THE most popular (profitable) crop in this area in the 1700s. At least I think that's true...  This shot is of a reconstructed drying shed. Piscataway actually grows tobacco on the farm today to demonstrate how it was grown hundreds of years ago. They hung the leaves in sheds like this to dry, the sheds were very porous so that the farmers could properly vent the building. Heat was also important, just outside this building were large fire pits which I imagined might be for making charcoal. For the best drying, farmers had to ensure the leaves were ventilated and heated just right lest they dry too quickly or too slowly. Note the tobacco leaves hanging to dry. The tobacco they grow here has short leaves unlike today's modern tobacco.

Tobacco Barn in PiscatawayTobacco Barn in Piscataway Tobacco Barn in Piscataway


This last shot is from inside one of the armory rooms at Fort Washington in Maryland. These cell like structures were part of the fort walls, the bastions. The walls of the bastions were VERY thick and when I was in these rooms I felt like I was underground...in a dungeon. I took this photo with the camera laying almost on the ground looking out. The doors, the slimy stone floors, the lichen lined walls had lots of colors...I pushed them hard to bring them out from what is normally a dark, dank room.

Fort Washington Ammunition CellFort Washington Ammunition CellFort Washington Ammunition Cell


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