Huntley Meadows

February 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I did a limpabout in the Fotoforum Class today. I was happy to be out and about but was a little disappointed that my hip would have been happier had I stayed home. Pish posh, say I. I like to think of the outing as "Fun PT" because most of the time, PT is NOT fun. I don't think I walked even a mile so I definitely have some work to do to get back into what poor shape I was in before I entered cyborg state.

The sun was out which made the light rather "harshish" so I had to shadow the plant life. The heron and turtles shot was possible during a brief partial cloud covering, the same bird did a fly by for me in slightly better light conditions but he was a LONG way away. I'm NOT a bird photographer like my friend Chelle so these are at best a work in progress...but, t'was good to get out.

Heron & Friends, Huntley Meadows ParkHeron & FriendsHeron & Friends, Huntley Meadows Park

Heron in Flight, Huntley Meadows ParkHeron in FlightHeron in Flight, Huntley Meadows Park


Flora of some sortFlora of some sortFlora of some sort


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