Katsucon 2018

February 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

And what?!? oh, what is Katsucon you say? Well, it's a three day Anime Convention that's held EVERY YEAR at the Gaylord National Harbor resort on Presidents Day weekend. We found this completely by mistake...I was on the hunt for sweeping ceilings and remembered the atrium at Gaylords so off we went. Driving in the National Harbor streets imagine our surprise when we saw a large guy dressed in a frilly skirt with a stuffed pink cat on top of his backpack. Hmmm. And then a woman with a fluffy long white tail and long ears. And an elf! And then we rounded the corner by Gaylords and I thought we'd landed on the set of an alien movie. I could not wait to park!!! Thousands of people were there for the Convention and there were lots and lots of photographers!!

Everyone was friendly, smiling, openly happy about being there in costume. And, Oh. My. God. were there costumes. The only ones not in costume were the photographers and the hotel staff! EVERYONE was happy to let me take their pictures. Well, not everyone. The people modeling costumes for the costume companies were a little abruptly negative but they didn't have the best looks anyway. When I asked to take their photos, folks would smile, hold up a finger to say, "One second, please," and then complete their look (hair, gloves, sword drawn, etc.) and then strike the pose of their character. 

I could have spent all weekend walking around the place, there were some really crazy, cool looks. Of course, we wondered if the guys wearing FBI jackets were actually FBI agents or just another scary costume! Some of the shots I took are on the front page as well as in the portfolio labeled "Projects."

Katsucon 2018 Gaylord National ResortKatsucon 2018Katsucon 2018 Gaylord National Resort



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