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Greetings! This is my place for art and thinking. The images I find out in the world and close to home are sometimes put here. I like to smile and hence like to find images that are smileworthy. I'm also a bit melancholy sometimes and hence you might find images of solitude and loneliness. 


Deserted Main Street Station

September 23, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Earlier this week I visited the Richmond Main Street Train Station. I'd been there a few months ago but much of the area inside had been closed, perhaps for event preparation. The station has been through a lot, floods, fires, and restorations. I think the structure once housed a shopping mall. Now, in addition to its train station duty, it also is an event center with two main areas, the "Headhouse" and the "Shed." The Head House is shown in the images below with the chandeliers and cafe tables. The "Shed" is where they kept the trains in days long gone by and is now a 100,000 square foot event space. There are still shades of days of yesteryear but the ghosts are slowly finding someplace else to be.

HeadhouseThe HeadhouseTables set up in the old Headhouse of the Richmond Main Street Station Main Street Station in RichmondHeadhouse in Main Street Station in RichmondClose up of tables set up in the Headhouse area of the Richmond Main Street Station Richmond Train StationThe Shed in the Richmond Train StationEvent space called the "Shed" in what used to be tracks in the Main Street Station in Richmond

Dock in Ruins

September 20, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I was on the Alexandria waterfront last week. The modernization and transformation process is really going well. New restaurants along and on the Potomac, new multi-million dollar condos, accessible walkways the entire length of the City's waterfront...and this dock. The Boat Club is a private enterprise with a gorgeous new building. There is a sign that they own this dock. There's probably some sort of dispute about what do with it.

Ruined DockRuined DockDock in ruins belonging to the Alexandria Boat Club


September 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I was on the riverwalk slash waterfront in Old Town Alexandria yesterday. Cloudy but the temperature was reasonable. Not a lot of people. But the day was young. Restaurants were setting service getting ready for the lunch crowd. Shops were just opening their doors. I was not paying close attention to the world around me until I looked up and saw this young person was coming down the walkway on the rear wheel of the bike, treating it like a unicycle. And I don't mean just for a few feet or yards, I mean they were on the bike for the entire time they were in view! I was envious of the skill, dexterity, and the obvious fun. So I imagined myself on that bike, that made me smile, and I moved on.

Bicyclist on DocksBicyclist on DocksBalancing on a bike on the Alexandria Waterfront Riverwalk  


September 13, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I like flowers and admire their beauty and colors but they don't really compel me to search for images with flowers as the story. However, a friend mentioned macro photography in connection with a group walkabout that I was part of today...or at least was supposed to be today. The forecast was for RVA heat and my friends were afraid of melting away. Sniffle. However, two of us met briefly at Lewis Ginter Gardens and I focused (pun intended) on macro shots inside the conservatory. I can get to a story upon examination and "posing" of the smaller parts of the flower, I'm not sure that this is really macro at its best, in fact I'm sure it's not, but I am getting an idea that I might like the extreme close up possibilities when finding stories in the wild.

In the Conservatory at Lewis Ginter GardenOrchidIn the Conservatory at Lewis Ginter Garden

In the Conservatory at Lewis Ginter GardenShoe OrchidIn the Conservatory at Lewis Ginter Garden

In the Conservatory at Lewis Ginter GardenOrchidsIn the Conservatory at Lewis Ginter Garden

In the Conservatory at Lewis Ginter GardenAfter the waterIn the Conservatory at Lewis Ginter Garden`


September 12, 2021  •  1 Comment

The Nazi concentration camps were where hate, racism, and nationalism came alive and manifested themselves in the German people who savagely raped, maimed, murdered, and defiled millions of people including children. They did all this in the name of a "superior race" and manifest destiny of the country. With the careful manipulation of the German people, the press, the military, and society, Hitler's henchman turned a land of reasonable, normal people into a heartless, savage, brutal nation. Hitler used the mantra of making Germany great again, a new reiche, a new destiny. He blamed Jews for high unemployment, for stealing jobs from aryan Germans, for causing national financial distress, and more. Little by little, the German people bought into it. Was it just Hitler and the SS? No, it had become the national thing to do. When Germany was losing and the Allies were quickly approaching the concentration camps, many of the camp commanders did forced death marches so that they could continue the final solution in another camp or along the march route. 

This image is from the Richmond Holocaust museum, an oven from a concentration camp. Someone placed a single red rose in a "In Memoriam" vase. I ache for the 6 million souls lost in that Holocaust. I am nervous about the nationalism, racism, and hate that is capturing our nation and the world because of fear and the ever increasing need for power by the nationalists. Shameful. Hurtful. Deadly. 

Concentration Camp OvenConcentration Camp OvenConcentration camp oven shown in The Holocaust Museum in Richmond.