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Freer Gallery of Art

October 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I did a short walkabout yesterday in the Freer Gallery which had just reopened after a lengthy renovation. It was my first visit. I had to work hard at the picture part because my mind wanted to stop and look at all the exhibits and, quite frankly, I would probably still be there if I'd done that. There's a lot to see. I have this thing about not wanting to capture other people's art in my photos but I made a couple of exceptions as you can see below. I will go back but will start out with my camera in the bag so I can pay attention to the awesome stuff. My favorite "room" yesterday was the "Encountering the Buddha" room. Very peaceful.

This first shot is from the Buddha Room; two statues enclosed in glass seemingly looking at their reflections.

Buddha staringBuddha staringBuddha staring

The shot just below is looking into a room of exquisite vases and bowls.

This next shot is looking over an open stairway into a "window" that showcases a woman. You can't actually get to the statue and so you must look at it from afar, through two windows, across a dark space. Voyeurism.

Through the WindowThrough the WindowThrough the Window

Once back outside, we took a turn through the gardens. This fantastic mushroom was almost a foot wide. The green thing was from the tree above the shroom. No idea what the green thing is...there were no tree labels.

Mushroom and ????Mushroom and ????Mushroom and ????

This last black and white was part of the "take down" set from the celebration on the Mall during the weekend. I am sorry I missed it because it looks like it was a lot of fun.

Smithsonian Hoses After CelebrationSmithsonian Hoses After CelebrationSmithsonian Hoses After Celebration


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