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Where Did Adams Morgan Go?

November 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A great deal of time has passed since I last set foot in Adams Morgan. In fact, twenty-some years ago when I last walked those streets, I wasn't always comfortable (probably because I'm a small town person) but yesterday...well, yesterday was very different. Old buildings made new; old buildings gone; old establishments gone. New stuff everywhere. Madam's Organ is still there although I think they'd moved from when I was last there. Admittedly I was having a "mobility-limited day" and so wasn't as walkative as normal.

This first shot was actually a hint of days gone by with the painted advertisement fading into oblivion.  The reflections from the windows in the building next door create artistic swaths onto an otherwise almost boring building.

AdMo Building With ReflectionsAdMo Building With ReflectionsAdMo Building With Reflections

I was looking at the vibrant colors of the two storefronts when I saw the man working on the scaffolding. All I could think of was the "Wizard of Oz," no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Man Behind The CurtainMan Behind The CurtainMan Behind The Curtain

Of course, the big draw of this area for years has been the night life, the great restaurants, and the buzz that seems to hit when the sun goes down...or so I'm told. 



This last was taken with my phone! I loved this young lady's colors. And they matched the metro map which made the happenstance of our ride on the same metro car even cooler.

Metro Colors!Metro Colors!Metro Colors!


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