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Washington National Cathedral

May 15, 2017  •  3 Comments

I had the opportunity to get some really, really cool shots yesterday at the Cathedral. I was able to get out onto the "eaves" where many of the gargoyles are and where the best views in the world might be! The shot below is overlooking Georgetown, but you can look a little east to see the Kennedy Center, the Russian Embassy, National Airport, the MGM Casino, FedEx Field, JFK Stadium, the Capitol, the VP's house...and, well, pretty much everything there is to see in D.C., that is, from a distance. You can find the "Cathedral Portfolio" now on the website. For that gallery I pretty much limited myself to "church shots." I will put the more generic shots up later.

This place is looks like it's hundreds of years old but it was finished not quite 30 years started sometime in the early 1900s. The earthquake we had not too long ago took quite a toll, a total of $32 million to fix and they don't have a major benefactor nor does the main Episcopal church give them money for restoration. So the repairs will take perhaps another decade. But the employees and volunteers are really working hard to bring in $$ and care for the facility and the tradition. I think it's a must see if you come to D.C.


NICE! Looking Southwest towards Roslyn Virginia in the distance, the South gardens of the Cathedral (below the twinkling lights) are very nice too!
Diane Halvorsen(non-registered)
And I love how you captured the sparkle of street lamps juxtaposed against the sunshine in the background. Great shot, Hon!
Mark Bailey(non-registered)
It is a beautiful building. I have never been inside, but the outside is amazing...
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