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I think I may have missed the eclipse

August 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Well, I didn't really miss it. I was there! The neighbors were in their front yard and invited us to share their glasses. Originally, I thought I would metro downtown and take photos of people on the Mall gazing at the eclipse through their special glasses, I had visions of photos like the old 3D movie glasses as people watched Godzilla. But, I didn't work up the gumption to actually do that and so was happy the neighbors were sharing!! I had a few looks at the sun as it slid behind the moon...each time wondering if these glasses were made by the lowest bidder on a government contract. I admit, the stunning view and the rarity of what I was looking at has not sunk in. The eclipse slipped behind a cloud before "the peak" and so we were denied the full (85%) impact...which means, I guess, that our crops will continue to grow, the grasshoppers will not swarm in, and the Cubs will never win again.

This is a shot from the Catholic Basilica in DC I took a few months ago. People light these for lots of reasons and I didn't need special glasses to look at them.

Candles at BasilicaCandles at BasilicaCandles at Basilica


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