Coopers Rock West Virginia

October 30, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Over the past few weeks, I've looked back at my work and re-imagined what I must have been thinking or humming as I brought the images into my camera. This retrospective exercise has given me an opportunity to review some images I thought inconsequential when I first looked at them on my computer. I don't think the photos are any better than what they were years ago, but I do believe that perhaps I didn't recognize them as part of a style that I would grow into as I mellowed and focused. Over the next few days, I will redo my website emphasizing this style I've grown into...doesn't mean that this will be only thing I do...but, my eye will be temporarily (ah...temporary could be four to eight years, you know) looking for similar moods and songs. "Penny Lane" is in my ears and in my eyes. A cloudy, rainy, windy day at Coopers Rock...makes me wonder if this is the Hundred Acre Wood.


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