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Fells Point Walkabout

April 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I drove to Fells Point in Baltimore today. Bright sun, few clouds, and not really very busy. I did find lots of people to talk with and some let me take their photos. This was the first day out with this camera system and the learning curve is a little steeper than I had anticipated...but, so far so good. I am, walking the docks and streets where everyone is going to and fro...all about their business. Since it was high noon, that business was either serving food or eating food or on the way to do that very thing. But then, something different! A young lady working on flower pots, trimming plants, stuffing dirt into trays...all to make a few feet of the sidewalk a cooler looking place. For all I know, she worked for the restaurant next door where I was sitting but many people stopped to chat so maybe she lived there or owned the building or just cared enough to make that twenty feet of sidewalk look better than any other on the block. Cool beans. Fells Point. Baltimore, MDFells Point. Baltimore, MDFells Point. Baltimore, MD



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