Metro Bus In MotionMetro Bus In Motion


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I went to Chinatown in DC today...I was surprised at how dynamic the corner was where I exited the Metro. Lots and lots of people hanging out, there was a busy buzz in the air and you could see every kind of person, from every walk of life, from every economic background all in one place...on the corner under the Chinatown Arch. The actual Chinatown has shrunk quite a bit since I move here over thirty years ago. Only a block or so of Chinese restaurants and shops remain, mainly restaurants.

At the Metro StopAt the Metro StopAt the Metro Stop

Street musicians are the coolest (and bravest!).

Playing some TROMBONE!Playing some TROMBONE!Playing some TROMBONE!

Waiting on the Portrait Gallery Steps

Waiting at the Portrait GalleryWaiting at the Portrait GalleryWaiting at the Portrait Gallery


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