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Does No One Print in Color Anymore?

July 07, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A friend recently posed this question and I realize that I have "gone to the dark side" by working a lot to get my prints into B&W format...I think that's because I'm influenced by another friend who shoots almost exclusively in B&W and whose photos are quite stunning. And, I really like the work of Ray Metzker who treated B&W in a way that brings art, contrast, life, and nature into moving B&W images. Nonetheless, i need to work more on my color renderings. I am still baseball focused for the next few days so don't have anything new to put up here but I did go back in time a bit to prove that I have been actually exposed to color photography...

This first photo is a simple shot of a storefront window in Harpers Ferry reflecting the store across the street.

Harper's FerryHarper's FerryStorefront in Harper's Ferry, WV

The second is the inside of the locomotive called "Allegheny." This locomotive weighed 389 TONS!! Do the math on that....778,000 pounds...three quarters of a MILLION pounds. Now that's really something. There weren't a lot of creature comforts in the heart of this beast. Locomotive Allegheny in the B&O Railroad Museum in BaltimoreAllegheny





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