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My Grandfather Ed Halvorsen was a printer, a newspaperman...a linotype operator! He and my grandmother, Hattie Kelsey Halvorsen (aged 19 & 18), headed for Medicine Hat, Saskatchewan, Canada because he could get decent wages, and in 1909, that was a big deal. He became interested in photography sometime while they lived in Canada and took some photos while they were there...some of which have survived. When they returned to the states, a decade later, they moved back to South Dakota which is where they stayed. Over the years he had several cameras, two of them were handed down to me, this old Kodak Monitor 620 and an Argus. I put two expansion rings on my lens and took this macro shot. I wish I'd been smart enough to ask him about his time in Canada, I know they liked the people. Or...I wish he'd written it down.

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