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On Tuesday I did a scouting trip for a future, more detailed shoot for my Virginia Project. Virginia has been involved in some of the most important phases of America's history and this building has been a part of each one of those phases. The wings on the left and right side of the core, original building were built in 1906. I had a chance to walk around the 'open' sections and came away with a good feeling about what i want to do when I go back later this year. I also went to the Hollywood Cemetery and St John's Church but I'll post some of them later. The first shot is from the front of the Capitol Building, which was built in 1785!! Of course there's a lot of subsequent history this place has seen. The shot of the desks is the old House of Representatives room in the center building where they met for years until the new wings were put up in 1906. The third shot is really my favorite...a worker taking a newspaper break from painting.


  Virginia State Capitol BuildingVirginia State Capitol BuildingVirginia State Capitol Building designed by Thomas Jefferson





Old Virginia Representatives RoomOld Virginia Representatives Room



Worker on BreakWorker on Break in Richmond


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