Chilly Weather

November 08, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

The weather has definitely taken a turn and I'm pretty sure that winter is right around the corner. On the plus side, snakes are looking for a place to hide out for a few months and the woods will be a much safer place. Same with ticks!!! On the negative side, there is a possibility that some unusual thing will compel me to leave the house on a day when only crazy people are out driving and careening through the ice and snow. And one of those crazies will be me. Sigh. But the leaves are falling rapidly, not much color in the leaves this year but I'm thinking that could be a trend.

I love the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and this is a high key image from below. I've been all over the Virginia side of the bridge including walking on top to the middle of the Potomac. Perhaps on a nice day this fall I'll drive over to the Maryland side and do a walkabout there. Of course, Marylanders will argue that Maryland actually starts at the Virginia shoreline and they're right, so the Virginia side of the bridge is all landbound. Ah well. A bridge that's not too far.

Woodrow Wilson BridgeWoodrow Wilson BridgeWoodrow Wilson Bridge from the Virginia shoreline on the north side


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