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Still of the Day

December 28, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

In the morning, the world is sometimes "still." Not moving. Quiet. Waiting. Urban and suburban dwellers don't often experience "still" since even in our quiet neighborhoods you can usually hear the river-like rush of the highway just a couple of miles away. But sometimes, sometimes, there is a perfect alignment of the weather, the wind, the crowds, and my timing and I experience the still usually in one of the lake parks. By contrast, I'm guessing that my cousin Henry, also a photographer, experiences "the still" almost every time he walks outdoors, he lives in the frozen lakelands of Minnesota. Yah. Sure. Youbetcha! (They don't really say that. Well, they might.) 

This image found me on the western shore of Burke Lake. The fog had lifted, the sun was fully above the horizon! A gorgeous time of the day to be out...very, very still.

Lake Accotink at DawnBurke Lake at SunriseThe still of Burke Lake at Sunrise



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