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So Many Books, So Little Time

April 18, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Libraries and bookstores are centers of gravity for me. I could and do spend hours absorbing the smells, turning the pages, sneaking quick peeks at the content, comparing covers, searching for treasures, etc., but alas, there are so many! When I was in the military, I collected books and hauled them from station to station thinking I'd build myself a library one day into which I would retire. That didn't quite work out. At some point I had over 7,000 pounds of book boxes, there was little room in the house, and, I'd run out of shelving. An Arlington County library was the beneficiary of two decades of collecting. Books are an addiction and a passion.  I'm okay with that...most of the time.

I enjoy reading the books of course, but I also enjoy imagining what the authors were thinking when they wrote their books. Was writing fun? Did the ideas come from completely within? Were they inspired by someone or something? Did they write the book because there was a deadline? Passionate about something? Bored? Depressed? Terrified? 

The image is from Capitol Hills Books which is close to the Eastern Market in DC. Tens of thousands of books, thousands of subjects. A wonderful rabbit hole!

I may need more books.

Capitol Hill Books near Eastern Market in DCCapitol Hill BooksCapitol Hill Books near Eastern Market in DC




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