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April 20, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

One of the more interesting parts of the waterfront and National Harbor is the pier that has a ferris wheel with large gondola carriers instead of the open seats of days-gone-by. This is a small gondola carriage, though, not like the one in London, or so I'm told. I'm guessing that the developers would have loved to put in a giant wheel like London's but since National Airport is right across the river, I'm thinking that wasn't even floated to the zoning commission. As the number of water taxis increases and the entire waterfront of DC and Virginia is explosively expanding, I'd imagine that this place will be packed in the summer. The image is from a couple of weeks ago; the sky was almost clear, a few wispy clouds. The image reflects my dizzying view of heights. I have a relatively significant "dislike" of heights and looking back I wonder how my mind reconciled that to being a fighter pilot. Didn't seem a problem at the time.

Ferris Wheel at National HarborFerris Wheel at National HarborFerris Wheel at National Harbor



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