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Days Gone By

May 09, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I appreciate the past, a lot! I also appreciate what might happen in my life tomorrow and the next day! But most of all, I appreciate today and what's happening around me right now! One of the things that I enjoy doing, however, is poking about around in yesterday's remains, the embers of my and someone else's memories. I read and hear about the "Good Old Days" but I know from experience that the good old days are usually not always so good. Polio. Slavery. The Plague. Tyranny. Well, you get my drift.

This is an image of an old coal-fired power plant that sits pretty much right in the middle of a suburban area between Alexandria City and Crystal City. The plant burned about 3,000 tons, that's 6 MILLION pounds, of coal per day before closing in September 2012 because natural gas was a cheaper energy source. The company has a lease that will go almost to the end of this century and is under no obligation to do anything other than try to clean up the residual toxins. I admire the structure's strengths, lines, its brooding power. That's today. I do not think I would have been such an admirer when tons of pollutants were projected into the air and the water. Probably.

Closed GenOn Plant in Alexandria, VAClosed GenOn Plant in Alexandria, VAClosed GenOn Plant in Alexandria, VA


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