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Changing D.C.

June 06, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

A couple of weeks ago I did a very, very short walkabout on L'Enfant Plaza. Most of the buildings in that area are what my architect friend calls "boring." I posit that he's correct, most developers are not trying to make an artistic statement with their buildings. In DC if it's a government building, the contract probably went to the lowest bidder and that normally translates to ironclad minimalism. With the exception of the new International Spy Museum, the buildings in the L'Enfant area are mostly flat faced with little decoration. It is a very walkable area though and it's possible to walk all the way to the waterfront where the buildings are new and mostly cool.

Washington, D.C. L'Enfant Plaza areaWashington, D.C. L'Enfant Plaza areaWashington, D.C. L'Enfant Plaza area


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