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Fall is here...well, almost

September 02, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

My muse is on vacation. I’m sure she’s in a place with no snakes, fine beer, and superb seafood. Until she returns and brings my renewed sense of inspiration, I will experiment with concepts and techniques and procedures and protocols just, well, new things. Yesterday I went to the newly constructed boardwalk at Neabsco Creek . The boardwalk is quite extraordinary! The creek is actually wetlands that feed the Potomac and is part of the Potomac National Heritage trail. I was impressed with the boardwalk…one was literally in the midst of this awesome wetlands without actually being in them and destroying them. I’m sure that some might argue that the boardwalk itself is damaging but the balance of use and beauty is quite well done in this place.

Since my muse has abandoned me and I have nothing creative to show for my outing, I dared to add artistic elements to my images (note the “fence” which is actually the walkway in both images). A small homage to the fall season as well as a thumb on the nose to my muse!

Winter BridgeWinter BridgeWinter Bridge is a folk art composite that includes sculpted images from The Plains, Virginia, and the walkway from Neabsco Boardwalk.


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