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December 10, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I don't intend to find images of birds and I'm certainly not equipped with the huge lenses normally required to have good bird images. Not that these are any good, but they are relatively close, except for the eagle. The eagle was on a closed dock in north Old Town. There was an opening in the fence and so I walked out to get closer so my tiny lens had half a chance of capturing the bird. I have better eagle images but this one was right in the middle of town! Well, sort of. Actually on the edge of town on a piling next to the Potomac. I'm guessing that it's not a very old bird, the coloring on the head and body seemed to be that of a juvenile just entering adulthood. 

The crow was at the end of another dock. He and I had quite a conversation for several minutes as I inched ever closer. I had a wide angle lens on so couldn't really get a closeup. He was very vocal about me getting closer and eventually decided enough was enough and I was lucky to be ready for that moment.

The sparrow, well, the little thing was obviously cold and didn't mind me getting close. In fact, this is the wide angle lens, i was about two feet away from it when I snapped the shutter. 

I am not a birder. I am not a birder. I am not a birder. in Old TownYoung bald eagle sitting on a piling in Old Town Alexandria Impatient CrowImpatient CrowI had talked with this crow for several minutes before he thought I'd gotten too close SparrowSparrowPerhaps an English Sparrow


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