Should I Leave Social Media

December 20, 2020  •  1 Comment

I am considering leaving social media...and by that I mean, no more Facebook, no more Instagram, no more twitter, no more of the "same." No more echochamber. I am interested in your thoughts. Does me leaving social media make a difference? Will leaving help me listen? How will I listen? How can I let people know what I'm doing (do they care)? I think I want to spend more time on my raw creativity and less time feeding the machine and then reacting. I've been at a low level of participation for a few weeks, and now...I don't know. I want to create...not feed the beast. What do you think? 

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I am off all but FB. Accounts deleted/deactivated. I’m seriously considering deleting FB too, but probably for different reasons. In an age where lots of people/organizations are trying to “stick it to the man,” I am increasingly feeling like “the man.” If I pull the plug on FB, I don’t think anyone will notice I’m gone or care. Not sure if I’m glad or sad about that, but my care factor drops daily.
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