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December 29, 2020  •  Leave a Comment


"Familiarity breeds contempt & children."
Mark, Twain, Id., p95

I went on a short walkabout with a friend today in Holmes Run Park in Alexandria. This park is several miles long running west to east through the city ending in the Potomac. The walk was short because the wind was a tad brisk and biting. I wasn't in a creative mood and so few images were found. In fact, I think that the best part of the walkabout was the walking part. For Christmas I received a pair of hiking poles and I gave them a test run! I loved that I could also poke about in the leaves that cover the ground and find the holes that I used to inevitably fall into. The sun was high and harsh and so black and white seemed an appropriate approach. This small pond had some really bright grass framing the reflections on the water. A couple of ducks were feeding next to a weed patch in the middle of the pond. I didn't want this to be another bird watching session!

Winter PondWinter PondWinter pond in Holmes Run Park in Alexandria, VA


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