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Leap Year!

February 29, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

"tis the day to celebrate the dissonance of time with human clocks! And we get a reset, but I heard that the reset is not a complete solution and that periodically we don't have a leap year in the regularly scheduled sequence. But, all that's too much like math for me so...on we go to another place!

I was out yesterday riding the metro to get to NOMA for a meeting. Lots of people since it was rush hour. I imagine if the coronavirus continues its march westward that there won't be quite so many people about. Pretty scary thoughts, especially when you look back at the flu epidemic a hundred years or so ago. I have more thoughts but they border on the political so I will keep my pen quiet. 

On the metro, I think most people prefer to be invisible, just rolling along waiting to get off. Mostly we read, listen to music, listen to books, sleep, zone out. Sometimes, not often, we talk with one another. Mostly about work, methinks. 

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