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My Travel Day

February 04, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I packed my virtual bags, pocketed my stock of good will, and headed for the exotic reaches of my neighborhood lake. Hah...that's another way of saying my inner artist screamed at me to get out of the house, open my imagination, and let an image find my camera!! I mounted my trusty steed, Sir Subaru, and headed for the hills, er, lake. It's a cloudy day and the lake's colors were washed out and the scenery was very flat. Plus, no contrasts for impactful B&Ws. Oh no. But then, this little bridge over a teeny creek just sort of called out and that's what you see here. I know I've written about the difference between creek and creek. Hmmm, or is that the difference between "crick" and "creek?" I think this was a crick, I mean, I could jump over the widest part of the stream and so the "creek" test is failed. The rule: if the stream is small enough to jump over, that stream is only a "crick." As in small enough to only challenge a cricket. 

Burke Lake PondBurke Lake PondSmall stream with a bridge that comes from a pond flowing into Burke Lake


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