Metro Bus In MotionMetro Bus In Motion


March 11, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

This image is from outside of the B&O Museum in Baltimore. From a year ago!! It might be that long before I go out again! Or before anybody lets me be in the same crowd as them. I fit the demographic for most of the "high risk" groups in the COVID pandemic. Consequently, I probably will not be going anywhere soon or anywhere where there are large groups of people. Which leaves out Costco, Target, grocery stores, Walmart, and...hmm. I think maybe I'm okay to go out if I go out and NOT use Metro. Which is NOT a good thing, I like Metro, it's very efficient and I like the low cost. I was getting ready to do a "Creativity Class" but I think I will do this free online instead of an in-person class. I am fascinated by trains, perhaps I need to join a group of train nuts!! 

B&O Railroad Museum YardB&O Railroad Museum YardThe yard at the B&O Museum in Baltimore, MD, one of the coolest museums in the regiion.


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