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Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

May 09, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday I took a quick trip to DC for my "exercise walk." I went to the Wall which is always, well, difficult or at least a bit emotional. I knew what to expect, that is, that no one would be there. And there wasn't anyone there, or rather, only a few...five over the thirty minute period I was there. I sat next to the wall and walked on the walk for almost an hour before I ducked over to the Lincoln Memorial.

I was moved to show an image from several years ago that contrasts with the scene I found yesterday. Yesterday's was a lonely walk.

Vietnam Veterans Wall SoldiersVietnam Veterans Wall SoldiersVietnam War Era vets posing in front of the soldiers at the Vietnam Veterans Wall Soldier Sculptures Overlooking the WallSoldier Sculptures Overlooking the WallVietnam Veterans Wall Memorial, soldiers on overloook Vietnam Veterans Wall east sideVietnam Veterans Wall east sideVietnam Veterans Wall on the east looking toward the Washington Monument  


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