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Walking Alone

May 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I went on an exercise walk today to the "trail" next to the Potomac on the southside of Alexandria. There were people walking and running and riding  during most of the walk. The runners and all but one of the bikers did not have masks. When I first started, I was thinking that I wouldn't wear a mask because I was outside and could easily stay six feet away. Howsomever, the trail was only 5-6 feet across and it was impossible to maintain the proper distance. So..on came the mask. And off came the glasses since I haven't yet solved the problem of fogging lenses. I would say that of the non-atheletes, about half wore masks. THe other half expected me to move since they weren't going to make the effort. And, I did. 

Father-daughter walkFather-daughter walk. I assumed this was father and daughter but maybe not, who knows. He was masked, she was not. I think I'd be researching why kids don't get the virus.

Bridge and BoardwalkBridge and BoardwalkLooking from the Alexandria River Walk to the Woodrow WIlson Bridge


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