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June 25, 2020  •  1 Comment

Castles in the CloudsCastles in the CloudsCastles in the Clouds from Burke Lake Park

When I was younger I spent quite a bit of time looking at clouds (before my pilot days!). Joni Mitchell's song was very appropriate to me then...probably even now. I desperately wanted to be a writer when I was a teen and I'd write stuff, most of which is long gone both in memory and in fact. But this week I was going through old boxes to "downsize" and found an unopened letter forwarded by my parents to me in my room at 201 Hansen Hall at South Dakota State University. The "letter" was actually a typewritten poem by me that I had submitted to some contest or jury or something in the spring of 1967. There was a nice note from Adeline M Jenney at the bottom of the letter encouraging me to continue my poetry. Ms Jenney was the Poet Laureate of South Dakota back in those days. Here's the poem.


I often wonder what I'm here for,
Maybe it's to just dream from birth to death
Of what I want or could be or should be,
For that's all I do to pass the time.

I see many others around me who
Are dreaming too; most of the are
Lost, drifting from one place to another,
Looking for the dream to end their misery.

Perhaps I too will someday be a part of that
Moving, seething mob. Maybe.
What if I wake? God only knows
What a shock it would be to my sleeping mind.

Then there are the others, those who never dream.
Though I often envy them for their power,
Most often I see only someone so tired
But so afraid to dream.


Diane Halvorsen(non-registered)
Amazing writing for even seasoned poets, let alone an eighteen year old! Well done, Honey!
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