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Video, "Suddenly Lonely"

June 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Most of the time I work only with images. One of the challenges I have is deciding which images go with one another and in what sequence or order they should be placed. I don't think that this is a skill that stays with me, like riding a bike, but rather this is a skill that I have to keep practicing. And so I do that but normally within a software program and normally I don't "publish" my practice sessions. But I decided to make an exception and I put this set in a video and tried to make the sequence work along with some music, click on: titled, "Suddenly Lonely." 

Oh. BTW, I'm not sure I could ride a bike. I guess I better try!

This is a long exposure image taken in DC during the winter.

Real?Real?Long exposure taken in Washington, DC, in the winter



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