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Lorton Prison

July 17, 2020  •  1 Comment

I stopped by the Lorton Prison Maximum Security unit today...except now it's almost a shopping center. Thirty years ago it was an awful place, a violent, drug laced prison where few were actually rehabilitated. Now. Well now, the old buildings have been renovated and are condos, apartments and soon to be supermarkets. My how the world changes. I wonder what former inmates think if they ever come out here. There is an old house on the grounds, it was built around 1780 by the first recorded land owner, William Lindsay. He is buried in a small cemetery just a few yards away.   Lorton Prison Guard TowerLorton Prison Guard TowerLorton Prison Guard Tower now overlooking old prisoner cell blocks that have been converted to condos

Lindsay HouseLindsay HouseWIlliam Lindsay built this house around 1782. It's been added onto extensively over the centuries and is now boarded up and off limits. Lindsay HouseLindsay HouseView of the back porch of the Lindsay House. Sitting in ruins, probably not long for this world.


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