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Burke Lake Park

January 03, 2021  •  Leave a Comment


"Talent is useless without training."
Mark Twain, 1879, Id., p.280

Yesterday I had a random thought: before the days get too long and sunset is a bit inconvenient, why not head out to the lake just before the sun was going to set and see if there are images to be found. And off I head to Burke Lake, my "go-to" photo goldmine. Surprise, surprise, I was not alone in my desire for a sunset at the lake, in fact, parking was a problem! But, I had a great walk, everyone was masked except some of the runners/bikers and everyone was paying attention to social distancing. The weather was very un-January like, 45 degrees with clear skies. The disc golf course was jammed, people waiting on all of the tees; the hiking paths were very busy with lots of families and couples hiking briskly through the forest, and there were even people out on the water in canoes and kayaks. I found this image at my favorite photo-perch but had to wait a while for the bench to be unoccupied. I didn't wait for the sun to go down, I wanted to beat the closing traffic rush.

Marina viewNature's Gallery SeatPark bench at Burke Lake overlooking the Marina


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