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Happy New Year!

January 02, 2021  •  1 Comment

Hard to believe that we are in 2021, wow, it makes me feel verrryyyy experienced. I have lots to be thankful for as the calendar turns and I have lots to hope for as COVID continues to wreak its horrible swath of death and division through this country. I am no longer monitoring or using social media because of the disinformation and hate that is rampant and believed. 

I have a new project in the "Projects" section of the site, I'm making a book and the first galley of pages is ready. Some of the poems and images were previously published but not in this arrangement. As I make changes, including more pages, I will also have a blog post noting the change. I would very much appreciate comments and critiques. I know there are only a couple of you out there reading the blog (smile) but I value your input. Or you can email me!

This image is of the Duke Ellington Bridge in Washington, DC, taken from next to Rock Creek.

Duke Ellington BridgeDuke Ellington BridgeView from Rock Creek Park of the Duke Ellington Bridge


Steve Lipton(non-registered)
The color, composition, and mood of this photo are perfect. This instantly took me to Rock Creek Park, a place of underappreciated beauty.
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