Still at Meadowlark

January 25, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

The thing about being on a photowalk is that if I take my time and move a bit slowly then I see more. That is not just a function of the speed my body moves through space (trust me, that's not fast photowalk or not) but really a function of letting my brain slow down and quit thinking ahead so much. A good photowalk (for me!!) let's my brain process what I'm seeing in many ways so although I might miss adjoining shadows, sculpted light in trees, etcs., I have a better chance to find them if I just sit. Sit. Hmmm. A photosit? I guess that's okay but I need to move a little. Almost every photo guru I listen to talks about taking time to walk around before you plant your tripod or camper chair. I mostly agree with that but I'd add that you should walk around slowly lest you walk right by the coolest thing on the planet.

This image is from the hilltop lookout walk looking over the smaller pond. Peaceful, not quite melancholy, but almost lonely.

Meadowlark Park. Meadowlark ParkOverlook at Meadowlark Park. Walking path and walking bridge.



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