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St Emma Library

October 21, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I was told this was the "library" but I'm not sure that the boys attending St Emma had access to this room...maybe, but I'm not sure. If any alums are out there and reading this, please write or comment and let me know. This room is on the right hand corner as your facing the mansion looking north. Shelves lined all four wall except for the windows and the fireplace. The ledger book sitting on the desk has the look and feel of an 1800s book but there is nothing written on any of the pages. I think the books and pictures on the shelves might be left from after St Emma closed. 

The mansion was built by enslaved people and I'm guessing that the hand painted windows in the original side of the building were done by them. The first closeup is from the library, the second from the dining room. The dining room faces the north, the library the south hence the painting is faded on the library windows. The paintings were of plants that grew on Belmead. 

Belmead in St EmmaBelmead in St EmmaLibrary in the St Emma School St Emma Hand Painted WindowSt Emma Hand Painted WindowThe original mansion's hand painted windows probably painted by enslaved people. St Emma Hand Painted Dining Room WindowSt Emma Hand Painted Dining Room WindowThis painting faces north and so was not faded from the sunlight


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