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Pocahontas Park

November 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday we did a very short walkabout in the park. Very, very few people. Probably because it was a weekday, during school/work hours, and not the season for leisurely strolls in the park. Well, I'm not sure the last part is true, t'was a glorious day with crisp fall air and only a slight breeze. I was hoping to find some autumn colors before the storms blew everything away and I was somewhat lucky. Green was still hanging on and red was scarce but I did find these blue pontoon boats! And the bridge. And, we enjoyed the quiet.

Lake in Pocahontas ParkLake in Pocahontas ParkLooking down the lake at the pontoon boats Lake BridgeLake BridgePocahontas Park bridge over the lake


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