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To Facebook or Not To Facebook, That is the Question

November 05, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

A quandary. I've been debating this issue with myself for several weeks. On the one hand, Facebook is the only place I stay in touch with folks I haven't actually seen in many, many years and is probably the only way that I'd maintain contact. Peggy, Rod, Ted, Stefan, Stacey, Gerry, Don, Carolyn, Jacque, Dan, Maryanne, Mary, Bob, and many more from recent decades. I've unfriended way too many "friends" who've chosen to "live" on FB by repeating fascist memes, factless "news" casts, and shameless russian trolls. From those "lost friends" I read happy Facebook stories about how things are all so good and happy and wonderful but when actually talking with that person, I find in their real lives they've become ideological hoarders who are suffering and have turned inward to live in creative isolationism.

I note that posting on FB increases my website traffic by 500% and that made me ask myself what was important about my website. I came to the conclusion that this is part of the creative process that I do for me, like making a print and hanging it on my wall. I don't work at selling my art so having a website isn't really critical for, the important part of the website is the act of creating and "publishing" the art. Websites are really only one method of putting art out for consumption, there are other ways. I may begin to explore what other people are doing...sort of a travelogue or catalogue of art in Virginia. If I post on FB in the future, I will probably simul-post through Instagram.

These are two more images of the 522 Bridge at Maidens, VA with a walkway along the river. I imagined that the walkway might have been where the mules pulled the riverboats upriver. I think the name "The 522 Bridge" is kind of a pedestrian name for a bridge close to Maidens.

Quiet WalkQuiet WalkPathway next to the James River at Maidens Crossing. The 522 BridgeThe 522 BridgeBridge over the James River at Maidens Crossing



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