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National Landing

December 03, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I did a very quick walkabout in what I'd known as Crystal City. Now I guess the name is National Landing and the construction underway is amazing. I worked there, for 8 years! I recognized very little. I am sure all this growth is good do you add 25,000 jobs to a small area like this and manage the traffic? Smarter minds than mine have probably thought this issue through and will do all sorts of imaginative things to the transportation system. Probably. No Manhattan-like skylines exist (yet) but the streets are narrow and the buildings are tall. In some areas to see the sky you need to be in the street. I looked up the price of an apartment and the prices were about what I expected...BMW range. 

The infrastructure required to maintain this community will be significant. Probably millions of windows, hundreds of restaurants, and...well you get it. I wonder where they'll live. I found some images of folks working. The first is looking into a restaurant where I think training was happening. The reflection of the crosswalk caught my eye. A short time later, a gentleman walked up to where I'd been standing, looked inside at the folks and knocked on the window trying to get their attention. The last image is just the beginning of the window washing requirement.

Restaurant TrainingRestaurant TrainingThe reflection of a crosswalk and city park in the window of a restaurant Outside Looking InOutside Looking InThe new "Crystal City" now called National Landing. This gentleman is trying to get the attention of the people inside where a restaurant training class is apparently being held. Keeping CleanKeeping CleanIn the Metropolitan Park area of National Landing. Construction makes things dirty and I imagine that window cleaning is a constant chore


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