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Night Walker

February 05, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Sounds like a scary movie..."The Night Walker." Probably was, I'll google it. Hmmm. Well, in 1964 Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor starred in a "psychological thriller" with that name. Last night I walked about the river blocks of Old Town Alexandria. Not a lot of people, but of course, the time was early and folks weren't really out and about yet. I had double masked and maintained well over 6 feet distance from everyone I met. The weather was mild which I think was because there was no wind. Or maybe my senses have just been numbed.

I was looking for color combinations that stood out in the night and provided sort of a "film noir" feeling. Over the next few days, I'll post a few of them. I was shooting at a high ISO, 5000, and so they might be a bit grainy. I enjoyed the walk. 

Night TImeNight Time BreakroomBack entrance in Old Town DockDock to nowhereBroken dock, "Caution"

Empty RestaurantEmpty RestaurantIt was early, maybe before the dinner crowd. Or maybe the pandemic norm.  


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