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February 08, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Walking about in Old Town with almost no one there was a bit surreal and quite frankly, eerie. The dining is "outside" either in plastic tents or under awnings. Of course, there are propane and electric heaters everywhere. I guess that the dining experience might be okay...I don't know, some folks just want to be out having fun even if it is wintertime al fresco dining. I know that as a social species (mostly) we like to go out and have fun. Indeed, I miss the going out. I'm lucky to have a gourmet cook in the house and so I definitely don't need to go out to get outstanding food. When I look at the dining tents I am reminded of Army chow halls out in the wilds. But that is truly a distant memory. 

I saw these two waiters getting ready for the dinner crowd. I was reminded of a sidewalk cafe in Belgium and so changed the textures to match my distant memories. The second image is a couple dining in one of the plastic chow halls on King Street. Most of the restaurants in the lower block of King Street have tents...on the street, the block is now a walking street. I wonder how long that will last.  

Landini BrothersLandini Brothers RestaurantLandini Brothers in Old Town Alexandria, outside dining Dining with COVIDDining in Old Town AlexandriaTwo diners in a tent outside the restaurant on King Street



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