It's Been A While

March 20, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Somehow I have been distracted. I am way out of practice for moving. Part of my brain tells me that it didn't used to be so hard but then I remember that I wasn't the one doing all the packing and deciding what to keep and what to toss. Back in my Air Force day I just stood back and watched the packers pack and told myself that one "day" I would sort through stuff I wanted and stuff I needed and stuff that was no longer required. Well, that time has apparently arrived. I have no doubt tossed some things I really wanted to keep and kept some things that are really trash. Oh well.

This image is from Leesylvania Park which is on the Potomac River just a few miles south of here. The park is large with a fishing pier, loads of picnic tables, and lots of shorelines. And almost no one is there. A couple of fishermen. A couple of walkers. Crickets. But some very cool nature.

ShorelineLonely ShoreShoreline on the Potomac River at Leesylvania Park


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