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The Emotion of Light

March 24, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Shooting mid-day doesn't often offer special light but such light is possible, and yesterday, for just a half hour or so, the light was very cool under the 14th Street Bridge close to the Jefferson Memorial. The lighter surfaces seem to glow and the darker surfaces had a richer, textured feeling. I know this quality is probably because of some pollutant that has momentarily drifted between the sun and my spot on the planet...but you know, I guess that's okay once in a while. I found images at the Jefferson Memorial, too, but the light was gone and the harsh, bright mid-day sun ruled.

PotomacPark Bench on the PotomacQuite a lot of this sidewalk on the Potomac is collapsing and is closed. I hope they find the dollars for repairs 14 st Bridge14th Street BridgesThe tree seems to point to the river, the many bridges that make up the 14th St bridge complex 14 st bridgesThe 14th Street BridgesAll of the bridges from below MetroMetro Train on 14th St BridgeMetro train crossing the bridge into Virginia. Not that many riders these days

BridgeRusting BridgeThe rust coats all parts of this incredible structure Morning under the bridgeVery cool light reflecting on one of the 14th Street Bridges14th Street Bridge looking into Virginia in the mid-day morning light.


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