And Poof...we were somewhere else

April 20, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Yep. We've moved. Not a concept anymore but the real thing. Thirty-plus years ago I'd been moving every couple-three years but I've been in one place now for several decades and moving is not like riding a bike!! In fact, if the earth was flat (and maybe it is), I have this feeling that I've just stepped off the edge and am falling like Dorothy in her trip from Kansas to Oz. Or maybe it's the lack of sleep. Or maybe it's the dozens and dozens of boxes. We don't know anyone here but have now met most of our neighbors...from a social distance, of course. We are looking forward to this chapter of our lives and plenty of new things to photograph and enjoy.

"And where did you move?" you might ask. That's a little difficult to's an area consisting of two small towns, Manakin and Sabot, hence we live in "Manakin Sabot." Manakin is from the native Monacan and Sabot is a French word for shoe or armament because French Huguenots settled here 300 years ago in a village they called Sabot. Sounds like we are out in the country but we're really on the edge or transition area between city and country. We're only 15 miles northwest of Richmond and 3 miles west of Short Pump. Our area has what I'd call a creek running through it, it's called a "branch" and to preserve the branch they will put in huge pipes while developing the land. These are some of the pipes, about 10 feet in diameter.

Creek to BeCreek to BePIpes that will save the flow of Reader's Branch in Goochland


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